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Word Example of - compliments

    Example Sentences for compliments

    But the answer was always the same, "Lady Cathcart's compliments, and she has everything she wants."

    There all alone, and compliments apart, I ask these sober questions of my heart.

    And my Aura must be deaf to rakish young beaux and their compliments.

    There is some truth in his compliments, no doubt; but they are wasteful, excessive, imprudent.

    One of the soldiers saluted my comrade with the compliments of the day, which he politely returned.

    There can be no compliments to Gertrude afterward, and the time is drawing near.

    Captain Hillyar's compliments to Captain Porter, and hopes he is well.

    "The compliments of the Lilac to you, my dear Miss," said he, bustling in.

    Mellor rose quickly and ran to his dressing-room, followed by his managers, who overwhelmed him with compliments.

    I was now told, "with the Editor's compliments," "that my letter should be considered."

Word Origin & History of - compliments

    Word Origin & History

    compliment 1570s, via Fr., from It. complimento "expression of respect and civility," from V.L. *complire, for L. complere "to complete," via notion of "complete the obligations of politeness." Same word as complement but by a different etymological route; differentiated by spelling after 1650.

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