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Word Example of - comply

    Example Sentences for comply

    For, unable or unwilling to comply with the political system imposed on it, it is self-condemned to utter powerlessness.

    But as I am not willing to comply, they remain in my house and destroy my property.

    In that manufactory Mr. Ashley was William's master, and he believed he had no resource but to comply with his desire.

    He therefore determined not to comply with the royal mandate.

    I replied to him, that I could not comply with military requisitions, and felt resigned to the consequences.

    They were all very particular to comply to the letter with Captain Sedley's request.

    And those that would not comply with these rules, were not counted always honest people.

    I am more than honored and I shall be ravished with delight to comply.

    You feel it to be your duty not to comply with the lady's wishes, and you have made a bitter enemy to yourself and the school.

    I was willing to comply with this request, for it seemed reasonable to me.

Word Origin & History of - comply

    Word Origin & History of comply

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