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Word Example of - component

    Example Sentences for component

    Potash is used principally as a component of fertilizers in agriculture.

    The force enters into the mores and becomes a component in them.

    The direction of development is determined by the relation which its two component factors sustain to each other.

    Assumptions are a component of the functioning of sign systems.

    What we technically term "operation" is the largest of the component elements of administration.

    Before they do, let us stroll through the crowd, and note its component parts.

    The growing unity in the social organism as a whole is accompanied by an increasing unity in its component parts.

    At this suggestion the component parts of his nature began a discussion.

    The component parts of this approaching181 cosmorama may, with profit, be inspected separately.

    The hyphen is used between the component parts of some compound words.

Word Origin & History of - component

    Word Origin & History

    component 1645, from L. componentem (nom. componens), prp. of componere "to put together" (see composite). Related: Componentry (1959).

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