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Word Example of - compose

    Example Sentences for compose

    They write many pretty poems, and compose histories and annals of their own country.

    But it is only for genius to order, distribute and compose, in the other.

    They compose the story, they represent the human race, and if they fail us we are in sad straits.

    And compose some Ritualistic epigrams to say to Mr. Smith to-night.

    Bring her to see me where I lie; and compose my face to greet her.

    Thus, it is the heat which has set the atoms which compose the molecules in motion.

    Alcus, the famous poet, never sat down to compose tragedy till he was tipsy.

    I tell you I'm trying to compose my soul, and I want this rampage-round stopped.

    I am very sorry I have to write on a day like this when I cannot compose myself.

    I must have selected my books out of the ten thousand generations that compose me.

Word Origin & History of - compose

    Word Origin & History

    compose late 15c., from O.Fr. composer "put together, arrange" (12c.), from com- "with" + poser "to place," from L.L. pausare "to cease, lay down," ultimately from L. ponere "to put, place" (see position). Meaning infl. in O.Fr. by componere (see composite). Musical sense is from 1590s.

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