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What is a better word for composition? What's another word for composition? What are 5 "composition synonyms"? How can I replace the word composition? What is the meaning of composition in English?

Word Example of - composition

    Example Sentences for composition

    And this is the reason of that silence which I have kept in most of my works, on the subject of Composition.

    The next question is the composition of this toiling Negro population.

    It is a composition of the fifteenth century, but the author is unknown.

    In fact, (p. 108) he had a dash of madness in his composition.

    In 1834 he lost his wife, but his work of composition proceeded with vigour.

    This is a general rule both for composition and performance.

    In your composition, use as many of the words and phrases of the poem as you can.

    One had to confess it on paper in a Composition under the head of “Man.”

    The composition of this force showed the altered conditions of warfare.

    There are five variations and the composition ends with a repetition of the air.

Word Origin & History of - composition

    Word Origin & History

    composition late 14c., "action of combining," also "manner in which a thing is composed," from Fr. composicion (13c.) "composition, make-up, literary work, agreement, settlement," from L. compositionem, noun of action from componere (see composite). Meaning "art of constructing sentences" is from 1550s; that of "literary production" (often also "writing exercise for students") is from c.1600. Printing sense is 1832; meaning "arrangement of parts in a picture" is from 1706.