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Word Example of - compound

    Example Sentences for compound

    Shutter, compound with cable release, highest speed 1/300 second.

    Now lower the fire and be careful not to allow the compound to be overdone.

    This compound may be prepared from glucose (C6H12O6), a sugar easily obtained from starch.

    The same functionary has given the name Haybittle, a compound of beadle.

    Then the compound used for the second pouring may be hotter and thinner than the first.

    The Roman ostrum was a compound of red ochre and blue oxide of copper.

    How do you treat a compound of two nouns one in the possessive case?

    It is applicable to open or compound fracture in any part of the body.

    We follow the sahib until we see him enter the compound of the hotel.

    A list of compound words of Saxon and French origin might be curious.

Word Origin & History of - compound

    Word Origin & History

    compound "to put together," late 14c., from O.Fr. compon(d)re "arrange, direct," from L. componere "to put together" (see composite). The -d appeared 1500s on model of expound, etc. The adj. is c.1400; compound eye is attested from 1836; compound sentence is from 1772. The noun meaning "a compound thing" is from 1530.