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Word Example of - comprehend

    Example Sentences for comprehend

    Man must not look to be able to comprehend the ways of God—they are above him.

    What would you think of me if I told you that I do not comprehend a single word of what you have just told me?

    But it only replied by a silent tear, and a look of strange meaning, which he could not comprehend.

    He could not comprehend her mood in the least and his demeanor showed it.

    That's why I say so few among us ever comprehend the motives attributed to us in romance or in that parody of it called realism.

    I beg your pardon, but I do not comprehend you, M. le Comte.

    Phœbe tried to laugh, but looked distressed, uncomprehending, and far from wishing to comprehend.

    The mechanism was simple, but the science of its construction and workings I could not comprehend.

    I did not suddenly recall what had lately passed, or comprehend the nature of my situation.

    Would it be an impertinence to ask for an explanation that I might comprehend?

Word Origin & History of - comprehend

    Word Origin & History

    comprehend mid-14c., "to grasp with the mind," from L. comprehendere "to take together, to unite; include; seize" (of catching fire or the arrest of criminals); also "to comprehend, perceive" (to seize or take in the mind), from com- "completely" + prehendere "to catch hold of, seize" (see prehensile).

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