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Word Example of - comprehensively

    Example Sentences for comprehensively

    Answer this comprehensively, and you will have solved a riddle which has puzzled women since Eve asked questions in Paradise.

    He waved an arm, comprehensively taking in the whole countryside.

    His writing is magnificent, because he knew so much, thought so comprehensively, and felt so strongly.

    She answered Eugene Snow's every question unhesitatingly and comprehensively.

    Veneering may therefore be comprehensively described as overlaying or inlaying one body with portions of another.

    Disko removed his cigar and waved it comprehensively round the cabin.

    Lisa was in heart and person that which is comprehensively called motherly.

    "I am afraid of marrying on any means," she says, comprehensively.

    It is the only book ever issued which treats the subject exhaustively and comprehensively.

    No other book in English has surveyed the whole field so comprehensively.

Word Origin & History of - comprehensively

    Word Origin & History

    comprehensive "containing much," 1610s, from L. comprehensivus, from comprehens-, pp. stem of comprehendere (see comprehend). Related: Comprehensively (1620s).

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