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Word Example of - compromise

    Example Sentences for compromise

    Then in the meantime we'll call you Rosador, as a compromise.

    Marriage was a concession, a compromise with human weakness.

    But she had been trained not to tease, and she accepted the compromise as pleasantly as it was offered.

    As a compromise, Constable Cooke was asked to dine with his prisoner at Mr. Watson's.

    For such lofty aims one ought to be ready to compromise with his Satanic majesty even.

    There was at least an end to suspense, a term to all talk of compromise, and that was much.

    As a northern man I will accept the compromise, and I believe a large majority of the people will agree with me.

    I'll tell you what I'll do, Andrew: I'll compromise with you.

    Eventually a compromise had been arrived at, and they had been removed from the drawing-room into the corridor.

    Though the compromise was entirely in his favour, King William refused to sanction it.

Word Origin & History of - compromise

    Word Origin & History of - compromise

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