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Word Example of - comrade

    Example Sentences for comrade

    His comrade had been struck and had fallen into the shallow water.

    Then, as he licked the face of his comrade, he saw two weasels meet.

    Then the comrade said: “Now I must part from you, for I can stay with you no longer.”

    Sigmund went searching for the herb he saw the weasel carry to his comrade.

    He saw a savage grin on the man's face as he raised his rifle again to finish the job and avenge his comrade.

    It was the same leaf as the weasel had brought to his comrade.

    Comrade Outwood has gone over to dinner at the School House, and it would be a pity to waste a somewhat golden opportunity.

    Yet he was the friend and comrade of the great who were canonized while he was cannonaded.

    Of the two dogs, one is the collie Luath, here represented as the friend and comrade of a ploughman.

    My comrade carried me to a cave he knew of, and then he sent to fetch Carmen.

Word Origin & History of - comrade

    Word Origin & History of comrade

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