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Word Example of - con


    Example Sentences for con

    Con and I don't feel like going home just yet, and Mrs. Irving has elected to be audience instead of actor.

    When the con gets one of these hill billies he goes mighty fast.

    That pig of Mr. Con Murphy's is always coming under the fence and tearing up the garden.

    While dealing with Holmes, he states the case of the light pro and con.

    He played it con amore, and it grew to be part of himself as no other of his works ever did.

    This motion was debated pro and con for nearly half an hour.

    Tom Brown describes, con amore, the wickedness of that part of the town.

    When she had reacted from her first shock she fell to pondering the matter, pro and con.

    Now Captain Con was by nature ruddy as an Indian summer flushed in all its leaves.

    Mahooley, laughing and highly mystified, demanded: "What's the con, boys?"

Word Origin & History of - con

    Word Origin & History

    con "negation" (mainly in pro and con), 1570s, short for L. contra "against" (see contra).

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