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Word Example of - conceal

    Example Sentences for conceal

    They seemed in no hurry, nor did they make any apparent effort to conceal themselves.

    Captain Erskine nodded, and did his best to conceal an unofficial smile.

    Your overcoat will conceal it in the street, and at the office the older the clothes the better.

    Then there can be nothing to conceal on the part of Mrs. Krill?

    He had the tact now to conceal his astonishment at the manner of his friend's speech.

    She might be able to conceal it from the world, but not from him.

    I cannot conceal from you that your article on d'Arthez has roused a terrific hubbub.

    First, there is the temptation to conceal the name of the real owner of the paper.

    It wasn't necessary for her to conceal from me the price of our room.

    Her listener did not attempt to conceal his consternation at these words.

Word Origin & History of - conceal

    Word Origin & History

    conceal 1292, from O.Fr. conceler "to hide," from L. concelare "to hide," from com- "together" + celare "to hide," from PIE base *kel- "to hide" (see cell). Replaced O.E. deagan.