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Word Example of - concede

    Example Sentences for concede

    When it has ventured to express an opinion, however, it has been to concede his unbelief.

    My dear young friend,” I answered, “imagine the alacrity with which I concede it.

    There are also many modifications of language, which we concede to the poets.

    To treat with it, to concede to it, is to admit the principle.

    I concede every thing to their patriotism, good intentions, and integrity.

    “He regretted that he was unable to concede what you asked,” Mr. Gray replied.

    Contrast all this with the condition of things under which Englishmen are adjured to concede a Parliament to Ireland.

    If you choose to concede it to me without a public scandal, I shall permit you to do so.

    And some we may concede which the Scripture plainly defines not.

    In his opinion the two Governments should ask and concede as much as it was in their power to do.

Word Origin & History of - concede

    Word Origin & History

    concede 1630s, from L. concedere "give way, yield," from com-, intensive prefix, + cedere "to go, grant, give way" (see cede). Related: Conceded (pp. adj., 1640s).

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