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Word Example of - conceive

    Example Sentences for conceive

    But they too, I conceive, can "multiply examples" for their side.

    What her struggle is to be in life I cannot conceive, for not a morbid tendency is to be discerned.

    I cannot conceive how he made such a mistake, for I said nothing of the kind.

    I am an altered man, Margaret—you cannot conceive how altered since I began to know you.

    The best, the very best I can conceive is what I must give to Marise.

    It was difficult to conceive how they could be further injured.

    I cannot conceive the reason of his delay in answering my letters.

    A Zoroastrian could not conceive it possible that any one could eat dog's flesh.

    Soon it took a certain measure of imagination to conceive of that darker spot in the mist of darkness as the form of a fellow man.

    You may conceive the confusion and the difficulty of getting upon one's feet.

Word Origin & History of - conceive

    Word Origin & History

    conceive late 13c., from stem of O.Fr. conceveir, from L. concipere (pp. conceptus) "to take in and hold," from com- intensive prefix + comb. form of capere "to take," from PIE *kap- "to grasp" (see capable). Originally "take (seed) into the womb, become pregnant;" sense of "take into the mind" is from mid-14c.

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