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Word Example of - concentrated

    Example Sentences for concentrated

    Then you did so much that they concentrated in your district and saw to it that you never got back.

    He knew the voice, was paralysed by the concentrated malignity in the voice.

    Women are not like men, their natures are not so concentrated.

    Morely concentrated on the man, then concentrated on a single, peremptory thought.

    Conversely, when our muscles are more or less stiffened the mind tends to be concentrated at the same time.

    It is the most concentrated and fattening food to be bought.

    After reaching the lake these fresh waters, in the ordinary meaning of the term, are concentrated by evaporation.

    Their chief sympathy was concentrated on that which contained Murray and his fortunes.

    Roland was this good man's only son, and on him his father had concentrated all the ideality of his nature.

    He indicated with a look of concentrated disgust the avenue where we were standing.

Word Origin & History of - concentrated

    Word Origin & History

    concentrate 1640, from concenter (1591), from It. concentrare, from L. com- "together" + centrum "center" (see center). Originally "to bring or come to a common center;" sense of "mental focus" is mid-19c.

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