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Word Example of - concentration

    Example Sentences for concentration

    There was a shuffling about, a confusion in the centre, a concentration of eyes.

    The enemy's concentration against the centre of our line was complete.

    And it so happened that I had a job that needed all the concentration I could give it.

    We have here an example of the concentration of energy in time.

    Into the depths of his concentration came the odor of tsin-tsin flowers, followed by the familiar, silkie voice of his arch-enemy.

    For the necessity for concentration only serves to strengthen and refine her aspiration.

    Concentration will not depend solely upon the number and position of the enemy's naval ports.

    Instead of being the 30th dilution, it is about the 30th concentration.

    They, too, will find the country obstructed by the armed population, or by troops in the act of concentration.

    I have ever done so until I found the concentration of all my divinities in you.

Word Origin & History of - concentration

    Word Origin & History

    concentration 1630s, "action of bringing to a center," noun of action from verb concentrate (q.v.). Meaning "a mass so collected" is from 1670s; "continuous focus of mental activity" is from 1846.

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