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Word Example of - conception

    Example Sentences for conception

    His conception of the proper qualities of the orator was high and noble.

    Here, then, we have Peter's conception of a pure soul and a pure life.

    While replenishing the common stock of Irish stories, Mr Birmingham adjusts our conception of the race.

    This conception was largely entertained in recent times by Faraday.

    Clerk Maxwell has given us, in his greatest work, his conception of the two kinds of energy due to electricity and magnetism.

    We have only to enlarge our conception and the same result follows.

    The origin and conception of this little work is due to the inspiration of my friend Walter Exley of the Statesman staff.

    You can hardly form a conception of the favor you are conferring upon me.

    The woman who has not loved, even in the ordinary human and limited meaning of the word, has no conception of her own soul.

    His conception of love has in it not a little of mere gallantry.

Word Origin & History of - conception

    Word Origin & History

    conception c.1300, from Fr. conception, from L. conceptionem, noun of action from concipere (see conceive). Originally in the womb sense (also with ref. to Conception Day in the Church calendar); mental sense is late 14c. Meaning "that which is conceived in the mind" is from 1520s; "general notion" is from 1785.

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