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Word Example of - concern

    Example Sentences for concern

    I thought I had better tell you, for, after all, the fact may concern your Oxford life.

    The Greys have no concern with it; but they will think they have.

    I own I should have thought the fewer who meddled in such a concern the better!

    These concern the sufficiency of the consideration and the moment when the contract is made.

    The third did not concern us more than to know he was on duty.

    But this clearly is not a story for me to tell, since the International was J.'s concern, not mine.

    Isn't one day at a time more than I can concern myself with as it is?

    "This particular matter does not concern you, Generalissimo," Watson rapped at him.

    What the terms are which we have arranged is Betty's concern and mine only.

    He clacked his tongue in concern and bent over, touching Ed's wrist.

Word Origin & History of - concern

    Word Origin & History

    concern mid-15c., from M.L. concernere "concern, touch, belong to," figurative use of L.L. concernere "to sift, mix, as in a sieve," from L. com- "with" + cernere "to sift," hence "perceive, comprehend" (see crisis). Apparently the sense of the prefix shifted to intensive in M.L. Meaning of "relate to" is 16c.; "worry" is 17c. To whom it may concern first recorded 1868.

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