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Word Example of - concert

    Example Sentences for concert

    Let the class read one or more stanzas of the poem in concert.

    Last week I went to a concert given at R—— for the soldiers who are resting.

    Colored society is also at the period of the bazaar and fair, the concert and dramatic entertainment.

    Theodora, meanwhile, had settled her guests comfortably to listen to the concert.

    It was the evening of the Glee Club concert, and nearly everybody not a freshman was going to dine somewhere before the concert.

    It is most important that we should appear to act in concert.

    A female voice at one time, and a powerful bass later, were heard plainly in concert with him.

    Should he shout to his companions, and have them all act in concert, as they had already proposed?

    After the concert we supped, a large party, at Gourins (a famous restaurant).

    If to a concert, he would be a few paces from the door, waiting for her entrance.

Word Origin & History of - concert

    Word Origin & History

    concert 1665, from Fr., from It. concerto "concert, harmony," from concertare "bring into agreement," in L. "to contend, contest," from com- "with" + certare "to contend, strive," freq. of certus, var. pp. of cernere "separate, decide" (see crisis). Before the word entered Eng., meaning shifted from "to strive against" to "to strive alongside." But Klein considers this too much of a stretch and suggests L. concentare "to sing together" (from con- + cantare "to sing") as the source of the It. word. Sense of "public musical performance" is 1689. Concerto was borrowed 1730 directly from It. as a musical

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