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Word Example of - concession

    Example Sentences for concession

    Eunice wondered, to reverent admiration, at the love and forbearance with which he thanked her for the concession.

    Marriage was a concession, a compromise with human weakness.

    That we have been driven by our fears into this act of concession, I will not admit.

    Later, in a mood of concession, he inquired as to my specialities.

    In 1705 the Territories took advantage of this concession and set up an assembly of their own.

    Both operators and workers were determined to make no concession.

    A Liberal Administration would make this concession to Ireland from a sense of justice.

    There was truth in this, and a certain amount of concession had also been made.

    Character is a fact, and that is much in a world of pretence and concession.

    As a concession to Islam, all intoxicating drink is prohibited in England.

Word Origin & History of - concession

    Word Origin & History

    concession 1464, from L. concessionem (nom. concessio), from concessius, pp. of concedere (see concede). Meaning "right or privilege granted by government" is from 1656. "Refreshment stand" sense is from 1910.

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