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The Synonym of - concluding (adjective)

Word Example of - concluding

    Example Sentences for concluding

    The sixth and concluding volume of this most valuable work was issued in 1905.

    Their concluding words had evidently been some form of sign and countersign.

    The writer, in concluding the story of Jonah, exhorts his readers to be patient in pain and in joy.

    Twenty-four hours ago we should have had no difficulty in concluding it.

    He came round to that as the concluding exhibition in his performance.

    Concluding that he now had the pistol at the right angle, he pulled the trigger.

    Mr. Asquith then read the concluding paragraph of the proclamation which appeared in these columns yesterday.

    It was this brought the combat to an end; or, at all events, to its concluding stroke.

    The concluding passage, as given by Robertson, is worth transcribing.

    Sherman's march to the sea was the concluding tragedy of the Civil War.

Word Origin & History of - concluding

    Word Origin & History

    conclude c.1300, from L. concludere "to shut up, enclose," from com- "together" + -cludere, comb. form of claudere "to shut" (see close (v.)).

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