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Word Example of - concoct

    Example Sentences for concoct

    Afterward some of us fellows did some experimenting and managed to concoct a crude one in the laboratory.

    The reporter, armed with this information, proceeded to concoct a legend.

    Why, you fear Him with every devilish performance you concoct.

    As we had plenty of meat he was able to concoct as much broth as I could consume.

    You see, when I heard of this mysterious disappearance of the lady, I began to concoct my own theory.

    It took him some time to concoct his telegram, and put it into cypher.

    Next, to form festoons and remain motionless twenty-four hours to concoct the wax, is not the way they generally manage affairs.

    I think it possible that I may concoct with it some scheme for our return.

    It will not do to presume otherwise; nor should one sit down to grumble or concoct mischief.

    You want to gain time so that you can concoct the blackest lies.

Word Origin & History of - concoct

    Word Origin & History

    concoct 1530s, from L. concoctus, pp. of concoquere "to boil together, prepare," from com- "together" + coquere "to cook" (see cook (n.)). First expanded metaphorically beyond cooking 1792.