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Word Example of - concord

    Example Sentences for concord

    He afterwards became president of the Concord & Claremont Railroad.

    We were in the little parlor of the Wayside, Mr. Hawthorne's house in Concord.

    The symbol of Concord was two right hands joined, and a pomegranate.

    Edmund was sent to Concord and became a cordwainer or shoemaker.

    Besides the characters of the variety, the work of the originator would indicate that it is a Concord seedling.

    Temples to Faith, Hope, Concord, and other virtues were erected and maintained.

    If this concord be rejected and the lust of war prevail, Soon within these ancient chambers will resound the sound of wail!

    One quotation more, to give the essence of this Concord philosophy.

    Although it ripens soon after Concord it can be kept much longer and really improves in flavor the first few weeks after picking.

    It might be necessary for her to go to Concord, or even to Boston for the things she wanted.

Word Origin & History of - concord

    Word Origin & History

    concord c.1300, from O.Fr. concorde, from L. concordia "agreement, union," from concors (gen. concordis) "of the same mind," lit. "hearts together," from com- "together" + cor "heart" (see heart).

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