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Word Example of - condemnation

    Example Sentences for condemnation

    The condemnation of Miss Anthony, her good faith being conceded, would do no less violence to any fair administration of justice.

    They seem to become objects of condemnation within the period of the history.

    What brought his pictures into condemnation was just their accent of truth!

    Night after night the artist got nearer to accomplishing his own condemnation.

    The results and the frightful consequences of the condemnation are as clear as day.

    Dick felt as if he had been respited after condemnation, and began to breathe freely.

    Her voice grew stern with condemnation as she uttered the name.

    But the writer does not confine his condemnation to one side.

    There were twenty-two votes for acquittal, twenty-nine for condemnation!

    But his condemnation was of a kindly sort, not wholly without sympathy.

Word Origin & History of - condemnation

    Word Origin & History

    condemnation late 14c., from L. condemnationem, noun of action from condemnare (see condemn).

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