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What is a better word for condense? What's another word for condense? What are 5 "condense synonyms"? How can I replace the word condense? What is the meaning of condense in English?

Word Example of - condense

    Example Sentences for condense

    Magistrates should learn to condense their wisdom into sentences.

    Intensity of feeling will condense a year, an eternity, even, into an hour.

    This is, I suspect, due to the compiler's desire to condense, as 1533 agrees in the main with S.

    It is hard to condense the social habits of peoples into a few dozen pages.

    The first division is the better, for he might be required to condense a twenty-minute speech to ten.

    We must, however, condense the matter, which was very voluminous.

    No attempt was made to condense the exhaust-steam, which was discharged into the smoke-pipe.

    We have been obliged to condense it into one, as indicated by periods.

    It wanted something to condense it into a resolution, and that something came.

    At this elevation rain is unknown, and vapors only condense into snow or hail.

Word Origin & History of - condense

    Word Origin & History

    condense late 15c., from L. condensare "to make dense," from com- intensive prefix + densare "make thick," from densus "dense."