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Word Example of - condensing

    Example Sentences for condensing

    Above the furnace are chambers of sublimation 4, 5, for condensing some volatile matters which escape by the opening 7.

    This consists in boiling the water and condensing the steam.

    Thus one of them not long since was heard to compare the mind of an opponent to a series of condensing chambers.

    In these engines the whole of the condensing apparatus, viz.

    The proper distance of the light from the condensing lens can be easily set by this adjusting device.

    Stephenson did for the locomotive what Watt did for the condensing engine.

    The pumps used on all these lines are the Worthington compound, condensing, pressure pumping engines.

    Wilson cannot resist amplifying even while he is condensing.

    I know where we have removed cylinders and put larger ones on the same nozzles and condensing work, and the engines did good duty.

    An earthenware still and condensing worm should be employed.

Word Origin & History of - condensing

    Word Origin & History

    condense late 15c., from L. condensare "to make dense," from com- intensive prefix + densare "make thick," from densus "dense."

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