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Word Example of - conference

    Example Sentences for conference

    The next day Christopher Straight was called into the conference.

    Why did the Ambassadors' Conference arrive at this peculiar decision?

    It was hoped to anticipate the demands of the Conference by a scheme of reform wider than they were likely to advise.

    After a short time the Indians all left the cabin, and the white men held a conference together, narrating past events.

    I suggest that the States whose delegates have not addressed the Conference, should have the preference.

    That cabin designated as the place of conference was the dining-saloon of the schooner.

    Hence the opening of the door a minute or two later was quite without any preliminary stir of warning in the room of conference.

    Their conference was a gloomy one; neither had any comfort for the other.

    One man must not kill another man, but several men vested with official titles can hold a conference and send a soul to eternity.

    I tried to give it to Harwood after the conference, but he must have been in a hurry.

Word Origin & History of - conference

    Word Origin & History

    conference 1550s, "act of conferring," from Fr. conférence (16c.), from M.L. conferentia, from conferre (see confer). Meaning "formal meeting for consultation" is from 1580s.

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