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Word Example of - confession

    Example Sentences for confession

    Frankly as he had gone to the Girondin with his confession, so frankly had the other received it.

    "That's all plain enough," said Hurd, putting the confession of Norman into his pocket.

    How it puts one to shame to hear such repentance with such a confession!'

    Very skillfully they extracted the confession that I had none.

    I should like your permission, O Princess, to make a confession.

    I do not seek any confession, or even a statement from you, upon this subject.

    That you will not tell any one of this confession so long as I am still living.

    She had been that morning to confession; she had also been to market, and had bought a chicken for dinner.

    After dinner I read the whole trial of Bishop and Williams, and their confession.

    The effect of a confession so simple, and so natural, wounded and amazed me.

Word Origin & History of - confession

    Word Origin & History

    confession late 14c., "action of confessing," originally in religion, from Fr. confession (12c.), from L. confessionem, noun of action from confiteri (see confess). In law, from 1570s. Meaning "that which is confessed" is mid-15c.

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