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What is a better word for confidante? What's another word for confidante? What are 5 "confidante synonyms"? How can I replace the word confidante? What is the meaning of confidante in English?

Word Example of - confidante

    Example Sentences for confidante

    As I was saying, you seem quite a superior young person, and no doubt I am not the first who has made you a sort of confidante.

    This Camilla was her governess, her friend, her confidante, I may almost say her mother.

    Her letters were written by a confidante of hers, who writes better than she can—look here.

    She was made the confidante of her husband's affairs abroad.

    Miss Lawrence would scarcely make a confidante of her maid, more especially of such a maid as this!

    But he felt he had gone too far to quarrel with his confidante.

    Owing to that, and to her bright and affectionate disposition, they looked upon her as their intimate friend and confidante.

    But let me narrate what has passed since I made you my confidante.

    "I will be more fascinating, more coquettish than ever," said Camilla to the fair-haired Flavia, her friend and confidante.

    Her occupation as Dick's liege lady, confidante, and tormentor would be gone.

Word Origin & History of - confidante

    Word Origin & History

    confidante 1709, "female confidant," from Fr. confidente, fem. of confident (see confidant).