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Word Example of - configuration

    Example Sentences for configuration

    Unequipolar stauraxonia are the pyramids, a fundamental form that plays an important part in the configuration of organic bodies.

    Owing to the configuration of the pass, that fifty could hold it against a thousand.

    He studied his map and knew from the configuration of the town, the river flowing by, that he had reached Roseburg.

    Let us see how we may treat the surface by simple lines so as to indicate the configuration.

    Well, it depends on the configuration of the flip—if the flip resembles an electrocardiogram activity—it shows cardiac activity.

    The sites of the first are determined by the configuration of the earth.

    The difference in faces comes from difference in the configuration of profiles.

    A word or two now as to the configuration of the oceanic trough.

    The bed of this fine sheet of water corresponds in its configuration with the surrounding country.

    The configuration of the shingly beach changed while one looked at it.

Word Origin & History of - configuration

    Word Origin & History

    configuration 1550s, from L. configurationem, noun of action from configurare (see configure).

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