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Word Example of - confinement

    Example Sentences for confinement

    Some species do not set well during very dry weather and some are impatient of confinement.

    After that my confinement was so strict that for years I had no opportunity of leaving my attic.

    Becoming convalescent, in a measure, I was removed to my former place of confinement.

    He requires not the least Preparation Regimen or Confinement.

    In the following scenes we shall endeavour to demonstrate the monstrous and inevitable consequences of confinement in masses.

    The engine did not seem to have power to release her from her confinement.

    During the whole period of my confinement I never knew a single instance of enlistment among the prisoners of the Jersey.

    The Sons of Liberty supported him while in confinement, and also provided for his family.

    Solitude and confinement had wrought no salutary change on this wretched man's disposition.

    It was pent, it was dying of confinement, it was breathing with only a tithe of its tissue.

Word Origin & History of - confinement

    Word Origin & History of - confinement

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