"confining Synonyms"

What is a better word for confining? What's another word for confining? What are 5 "confining synonyms"? How can I replace the word confining? What is the meaning of confining in English?

The Synonym of - confining (verb)

Word Example of - confining

    Example Sentences for confining

    Very few liquor sellers, confining themselves to their legitimate business, fail in this city.

    I am considering them apart, and confining myself wholly to the words of the song.

    Confining yourself rigidly to fact, the questions of fact are: 'Does Mr. Bounderby ask me to marry him?'

    Vast sums of money are expended in confining this river within its banks.

    Equally young and attractive, they were talking in undertones, confining their words within the narrow circle of the waltz.

    Nor could one count upon her confining her activities to one location.

    I rose and stood before a mirror, and shaking my hair loose from the confining comb, saw that her words were true.

    Very naturally the talk did not end by confining itself to one household.

    No separation of the infected from the healthy part of the town: no arrangement for confining and relieving the sick poor.

    I am now confining my argument to negro suffrage in the rebel States.

Word Origin & History of - confining

    Word Origin & History

    confine c.1400, from L. confinium (pl. confinia) "boundary, limit," from confine, neut. of confinis "bordering on," from com- "with" + finis "an end" (see finish). The noun is older in Eng.; verb sense of "keeping within limits" is from 1595.