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Word Example of - confirmation

    Example Sentences for confirmation

    To which three knocks were distinctly heard, and afterward, by way of confirmation, five knocks as requested by another onlooker.

    They turned to each other for confirmation lest their own eyes deceive them.

    This was a confirmation of the Eugenian constitution, and put an end to the succession of the Danish bishops through Canterbury.

    He prepared candidates for confirmation and led them on to marriage.

    The confirmation of the charter by Clotaire II was a good deal, but that was not all that was needed.

    After the confirmation of his cause, his life was perplexed and anxious.

    We have received the very worst news from Calcutta, a confirmation of the news by the last mail, Clivey, my boy.

    “I bring you from him the confirmation of your dignity,” observed General Michel.

    Mr. Gusher made a low bow, and pressed his hand to his heart in confirmation of what he had said.

    Her eyes searched his face for confirmation of her suspicion, and found none.

Word Origin & History of - confirmation

    Word Origin & History

    confirmation c.1300, confyrmacyoun, the Church rite, from O.Fr. confirmation (13c.), from L. confirmationem, noun of action from confirmare (see confirm). Aa a legal action, from late 14c.; as "action of making sure," from c.1480.