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Word Example of - confirmed

    Example Sentences for confirmed

    It is therefore not subject to "revisal" except from my own re-reading, and such re-reading has only confirmed it.

    I shuddered as I realized that the worst fears of Emily were confirmed.

    Presently his eyes coming to themselves, confirmed the fact that he was in the midst of a notable number of the unwashed.

    For it must be confessed that Cotton Mather was a confirmed bait-fisherman.

    He had vaguely felt that he was trespassing when he first entered the hotel, and now his doubts were confirmed.

    This was confirmed when she got near enough to make her number.

    It is confirmed by the evidence of the inscriptions and of the building itself so far as that evidence goes.

    This confirmed my impression that she had joined Lady Vivian in Scotland.

    Such men, Socrates reflected, were both unwise and confirmed in their folly through being unconscious of it.

    As a child she had dreamed of it; from the time she had been confirmed she had longed for it.

Word Origin & History of - confirmed

    Word Origin & History

    confirmed 1390s, of diseases, "firmly established, pp. adj. from confirm. Of persons and their habits, from 1826.

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