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Word Example of - conformance

    Example Sentences for conformance

    The level-seated idea is purely theoretical, because no saddles are made in conformance with it.

    And, best of all, it is guaranteed to be in conformance with all the best standards—by tradition!

    From 1909 until 1914 in conformance with the Law of Priority Nycteris was used for the red bat and the hoary bat.

    Again, in conformance with his custom, he has honoured me with a bid.

    Reluctantly I opened my eyes, and saw that the temple doors were being locked by a priest, in conformance with a noon-hour custom.

    In conformance with the wishes of the King they resolved to return to the plan of 1606.

    The Commission has adopted rules of procedure in conformance with the Executive order and the joint resolution.

    She had had little doubt of her son's conformance to his parents' wishes, for he had always been of a tractable disposition.

    The choice had been with Fanny, she had chosen in conformance with the dictates of predisposition.

    That event was the wedding of Leonard and Juanna in conformance with the ceremonies of their own church.

Word Origin & History of - conformance

    Word Origin & History of conformance

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