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Word Example of - conformation

    Example Sentences for conformation

    Let us also consider the conformation of the ground on the north.

    How can the vices of conformation be avoided, and beauty secured?

    SSE Ameca and paratypes of allex in external size of body, hind foot, length of ear, and size and conformation of the cranium.

    Because his conformation makes him utter nothing but paradoxes.

    It was something between a regiment and a brigade, with all of a hybrid's vague awkwardness of conformation.

    The conformation of the region of the axilla was quite peculiar.

    But if conformation were not added to propagation, there would be no reproduction of one's kind.

    Breeding showed in him as it shows in the muscles and conformation of a race-horse.

    One spot, in particular, which became Mysie's favorite resort, was at once singular and beautiful in its conformation.

    Of Foxhound-like conformation, the frame is of stouter build altogether.

Word Origin & History of - conformation

    Word Origin & History

    conformation 1510s, from L. conformationem, noun of action from conformare (see conform).

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