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Word Example of - conformity

    Example Sentences for conformity

    We choose our favorite author as we do our friend, from a conformity of humor and disposition.

    The ethics of Shinto were all included in conformity to custom.

    It seems that I am about to be led to conclusions in conformity with empiristic ideas.

    This officer says that he acted in conformity with the orders of his Government.

    The inference is still from particulars to particulars, though drawn in conformity, not to one, but to several formulæ.

    Is his decision in conformity with the familiar facts of human nature?

    This we could not approve, though it was acting in conformity with the laws of his country.

    You meet this day in conformity with the Constitution he gave you.

    The uprushing stream of intelligence, indeed, in the man of genius flowed habitually in conformity with the superficial stream.

    And by the Law of Conformity to Type, their final perfection is secured.

Word Origin & History of - conformity

    Word Origin & History

    conformity c.1430, conformyte, from Fr. conformité (14c.), from V.L. conformitatem, from conformare (see conform). Modern form is from 17c.

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