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Word Example of - confused

    Example Sentences for confused

    The thoughts of her heart were all warm and mixed and confused.

    Oh, Morris, my head is all confused, and I think I have been frightened.

    Consequently Mr. Menaida was confused in mind and thick in talk.

    Maybe it was that—but I was as confused as a mouse in a psych maze.

    Shall I complain, or only remind you how all right and wrong is confused?

    The Mormons had a confused idea about the government that they had set up.

    I am so confused and bewildered by the rush of the great city.

    He was confused in his gait, almost as if his lower limbs had been fettered, too.

    There they were, four of them, two men and two horses in one confused heap.

    It is, no doubt, this account which Mr. Gell confused with the death of Mougé.

Word Origin & History of - confused

    Word Origin & History

    confused early 14c., "discomfited, routed, defeated" (of groups), serving at first as an alternate pp. of confound, as Latin confusus was the pp. of confundere "to pour together, mix, mingle; to join together;" hence, figuratively, "to throw into disorder; to trouble, disturb, upset." The Latin pp. also was used as an adjective, with reference to mental states, "troubled, embarrassed," and this passed into O.Fr. as confus "dejected, downcast, undone, defeated, discomfited in mind or feeling," which passed to M.E. as confus (14c.; e.g. Chaucer: "I am so confus, that I may not seye"), which then ...was assimilated to the English pp. pattern by addition of -ed. Of individuals, "discomfited in mind, perplexed," from mid-14c.; of ideas, speech, thought, etc., from 1610s. By mid-16c., the word seems to have been felt as a pure adj., and it evolved a back-formed verb in confuse. Few English etymologies are more confused.

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