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Word Example of - confusion

    Example Sentences for confusion

    Sin, as such, has always been a source of confusion, not of progress.

    The confusion on board of the "escaped" vessel may be imagined.

    There was a shuffling about, a confusion in the centre, a concentration of eyes.

    He could be struck with the sword, and perhaps in the confusion, an escape would be possible.

    Not unnaturally with this confusion there were doubts about her marriage.

    The confusion persisted, so I allowed the medic to use a pressure hypo.

    Here's confusion to most women, but luck to John and his wife!

    The occasion was much the same as at the palace, with all the confusion of tongues.

    Everything was still in confusion when she was called to dinner.

    The noise and confusion of Sunday and all ordinary days were silenced.

Word Origin & History of - confusion

    Word Origin & History

    confusion late 13c., "overthrow, ruin," from O.Fr. confusion (11c.), from L. confusionem, noun of action from confundere "to pour together," also "to confuse" (see confound). Sense of "a putting to shame" (a sort of mental "overthrow") is mid-14c., while that of "mental perplexity" is from 1590s.

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