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Word Example of - congenial

    Example Sentences for congenial

    Our meeting consisted in good part of his "kidding" me, because I was lacking in the congenial vices of the caf.

    For the first time since his mother's death Tom met a congenial spirit.

    His colleagues on the board were all men of talent and reputation, the association with whom was congenial and gratifying.

    The Romish religion appears to be the most congenial to them, as well as to the French.

    Never was he more thoroughly himself than as a theatrical manager and actor, surrounded by congenial associates.

    The ice of winter is no congenial mate for the fresh, early flower of spring.

    The Irish girl is never a congenial inmate of the farmhouse.

    Every part of her being seemed to expand In the congenial atmosphere.

    Your inquiry is congenial, and I feel guilty of selfishness in answering it in this way.

    To souls so congenial, what a sight was the magnificent ruin of Bolsover!

Word Origin & History of - congenial

    Word Origin & History

    congenial 1620s, "kindred, sympathetic," from L. com- "together" + genialis "of birth," thus, "kindred." Sense of "agreeable" is first recorded 1711. Related: Congeniality (1620s).

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