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Word Example of - congratulations

    Example Sentences for congratulations

    Gentlemen And Friends:—I receive your congratulations on this occasion with mixed feelings of pleasure and pride.

    Then the officers and men crowded about her with congratulations and praise.

    Burnet poured forth his congratulations with genuine delight, and then eagerly asked what were His Highness's plans.

    There are congratulations, there is a supper that is perfection.

    You merely shake hands with the groom, say a formal word or two such as "Congratulations!"

    Each of us in turn kissed her cheek and murmured our congratulations.

    The courtiers crowded round with their congratulations, and Leonardo and Pacioli were pushed into the background.

    Gorman came in to receive our congratulations as soon as his play was over.

    And now, see I he enters proudly but breathlessly the ranks, and receives the congratulations of his friends in loud acclaim.

    Nevertheless Grant was honestly and sincerely profuse in his congratulations.

Word Origin & History of - congratulations

    Word Origin & History

    congratulations 1630s, an exclamation conveying a sentiment of congratulation, from congratulation (q.v.).