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The Synonym of - congratulatory (adj)

Word Example of - congratulatory

    Example Sentences for congratulatory

    But it nettled her that everybody should be so congratulatory, and nobody surprised.

    "She was mistaken this time, if she never was before," said Bob, with a congratulatory smile.

    Then, after breakfast—eaten in an atmosphere of the deepest content—there began a succession of congratulatory ovations.

    Even during the morning she received a congratulatory message from the manager.

    Their Majesties accomplished the descent amidst the congratulatory blare of the silver trumpets without actual mishap.

    Her gasp of astonishment was lost in the chorus of congratulatory cries.

    "No sounder lungs in England," said Doctor Mervyn, looking up with a congratulatory smile.

    See you not that your congratulatory work would have been easy?

    A few hours before a cyclist had brought him congratulatory messages from the Reform leaders.

    We left her in a glow of congratulatory smiles on the highway.

Word Origin & History of - congratulatory

    Word Origin & History of congratulatory

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