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Word Example of - congruence

    Example Sentences for congruence

    It follows that all lines in which corresponding planes in two projective pencils meet form a congruence.

    This is the reason for placing it by itself, followed by the congruence theorems.

    The congruence between them I cal the instrument of the mouth, quhilk, when the eie sees the symbol, utteres the sound.

    Finally the sixth axiom of congruence is that the relation of congruence is transitive.

    There will therefore be one line of the congruence passing through Q, and only one.

    The source of order has already been indicated and that of congruence is now found.

    What is this but a judgment of congruence applied to the train of successive positions of the yard  measure?

    This lack of congruence between the mental picture and the object itself is necessary for obvious reasons.

    We shall see this congruence consists of all lines which cut a twisted cubic twice, or of all secants to a twisted cubic.

    Congruence means a close match between what you feel and how you think and act.

Word Origin & History of - congruence

    Word Origin & History

    congruence c.1430, from L. congruentia "argument, harmony, congruity," from congruent-, prp. stem of congruere (see congruent). Related: Congruency (1494).

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