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Word Example of - congruity

    Example Sentences for congruity

    But if congruity between a perfect physiological state and the changed conditions is implied, we demur.

    Grace of congruity is simply a variety of the old heresy of human merit.

    Their great want is equality and congruity,—that perfect union of qualities which we call taste.

    In fact, there is a kind of congruity and method even in fooling.

    There must, of course, be congruity or relevancy between the power to be enforced and the means proposed to enforce it.

    The notion of fitness, congruity, and "concatenation accordingly" does not exist.

    Coher′ence, a sticking together: a consistent connection between several parts: congruity; Coher′ency.

    Congruity (as pertaining more to grammar) he does not discuss.

    That the congruity here pointed out should hold in every case must not be expected.

    All congruity and appropriateness in the comparison is lacking.

Word Origin & History of - congruity

    Word Origin & History

    congruity mid-15c., from L. congruitatem, from congruus (see congruent) + -ity.

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