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"conk Synonyms"

What is a better word for conk? What's another word for conk? What are 5 "conk synonyms"? How can I replace the word conk? What is the meaning of conk in English?

The Synonym of - conk (noun)

Word Example of - conk

    Example Sentences for conk

    This unmusical "conk" is sweeter than the "kerchunk" of the bull-frog.

    "I got the fog out of my conk to-day, Fanny," he said exultantly.

    There is a cancerous disease peculiar to the Pine-tree, to which lumbermen give the original name of "Conk" or "Konkus."

    This horn is a conk shell, bored at one end, and its sound is heard at a great distance.

    We has to be ready for the field by daylight and the conk was blowed, and massa call out, 'All hands ready for the field.'

    I member the very day, on the 10th of May, old mistress blowed the conk and told us we was free.

    We hear toward evening, high in air, the "conk" of the wild-geese.

    If you comes makin' a row 'ere I'll land you one on the conk, so you'd best clear out!'

    "You better be thinking of getting us in, one of my engines is about to conk out on me," he called across.

    Then you come along and just about split the chump's conk just so's he'll stay out of your light, see?

Word Origin & History of - conk

    Word Origin & History

    conk as in conk out, 1918, coined by World War I airmen, perhaps in imitation of the sound of a stalling motor, reinforced by conk (v.) "hit on the head," originally "punch in the nose" (1821), from conk (n.), slang for "nose" (1812), perhaps from fancied resemblance to a conch (pronounced "conk") shell.