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Word Example of - connate

    Example Sentences for connate

    Their knowledge is connate and is called instinct; but it belongs to the natural love in which they are.

    In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate than in streets or villages.

    In some of the species this sheath is connate with the base of the stem, firm and persistent.

    Each fortune's connate with the gazer's star, And tinted as she dreams.

    The stems are variable in length, often connate or fused together into a solid base.

    Connate, united or grown together from the first formation, 96.

    The loves of animals are altogether united with their connate science, 96.

    For a long time these connate forms of government—civil and religious—remain closely associated.

    In apterous beetles the elytra are often connate, or have both sutures as it were soldered together.

    Monoderma to include those species in which the calcareous crust is less distinct or connate with the true peridium.

Word Origin & History of - connate

    Word Origin & History

    connate 1640s, from L. connatus "born together, twins," pp. of connasci "to be born together," from con- "together" + nasci "to be born" (Old L. gnasci; see genus). Related: Connation (1846).

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