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Word Example of - connected

    Example Sentences for connected

    And the man you have arrested, do you think he is connected with the men who were fighting in the Museum?

    He has not been like the same man since he connected himself with the Greys so decidedly.

    Now, I am connected with a library that spends $12,000 a year for books in a country town.

    As we have seen, the ills of life were connected with the displeasure of the ghosts.

    The terminal L is connected to the other terminal of the lamp.

    Ritual is connected with words, gestures, symbols, and signs.

    It seemed an eternity before he got central; another before she connected him with Belmont.

    It was regarded as conducive to welfare, and was connected with religion.

    These were connected by a flexible cord to a plug which he could insert in place of a lamp in the chandelier.

    He was alarmed, for he connected it with the silence of the war-party outside.

Word Origin & History of - connected

    Word Origin & History

    connect 1670s, from L. connectere (see connection). Earlier was connex (1540s), from Fr. connexer, from L. *connexare, freq. of conectere (pp. stem connex-). A similar change took place in Fr., where connexer was superseded by connecter. Meaning "to establish a relationship" (with) is from 1881. Slang meaning "get in touch with" is attested by 1926, from telephone connections. Meaning "awaken meaningful emotions, establish rapport" is from 1942. Of a hit or blow, "to reach the target," from c.1920. Related: Connecting (1680s); connectedness (1690s).

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