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Word Example of - connecting

    Example Sentences for connecting

    The idea of connecting Jean and the half-breed never entered his head.

    It was only twelve miles long, connecting Shanghai with Woosung.

    He was a connecting link between barbarism and civilization.

    In and out of the connecting doorway people were coming and going.

    Negotiations were forthwith opened for connecting the convents with the art schools.

    There should be a connecting file for at least ever, 300 yards.

    In these poems S. becomes the connecting link between Chaucer and Spenser.

    Patrols and connecting files will be furnished by the company.

    The wing hall was a narrow one and dim, connecting the main rooms of the Place with an older wing, built in a curious way.

    They rise above sense, and become a connecting link with the world of ideas.

Word Origin & History of - connecting

    Word Origin & History

    connect 1670s, from L. connectere (see connection). Earlier was connex (1540s), from Fr. connexer, from L. *connexare, freq. of conectere (pp. stem connex-). A similar change took place in Fr., where connexer was superseded by connecter. Meaning "to establish a relationship" (with) is from 1881. Slang meaning "get in touch with" is attested by 1926, from telephone connections. Meaning "awaken meaningful emotions, establish rapport" is from 1942. Of a hit or blow, "to reach the target," from c.1920. Related: Connecting (1680s); connectedness (1690s).

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