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Word Example of - connection

    Example Sentences for connection

    I look upon my connection with the Wesleyan body as virtually terminated.

    The laws are made by the king in connection with a council of ministers.

    We kept on to Nice to make the only connection that would get us back to Cannes.

    No mention is made anywhere of any function of a priest in connection with it.

    Can you see any connection between a sucking baronet and publishing?

    The connection of dress with warmth and modesty is derived and remote.

    This was in connection with the suppression of the Templars.

    The men, at least, have no feeling of shame in connection with the pudenda.

    But it IS necessary to try to understand the rationale of this connection.

    Duckworth actually had no connection with Rawlings—no logical connection.

Word Origin & History of - connection

    Word Origin & History

    connection 14c., connexion, from O.Fr. connexion, from L. connexionem, from *connexare, freq. of connectere "to fasten together, to tie, join together," from com- "together" + nectere "to bind, tie" (see nexus). Spelling shifted to connection mid-18c. under infl. of connect, abeted by affection, direction, etc.

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