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Word Example of - conquer

    Example Sentences for conquer

    But we of Arisia alone will never be able to conquer the Eddorians.

    I assure you I have much more to conquer in myself, with regard to them.

    “We may fight them if they oppose us, and conquer them as we did the Rover,” cried Hugh.

    When Bthencourt had landed he set to work at once to conquer the island.

    The leaders were resolved to conquer or to perish, and their troops were animated with the same resolution.

    It is consequently impossible to doubt that the Serpent will conquer.

    Whymper came here, it seems, with his usual desire to conquer, and the guide tells me of some of the peaks they stormed together.

    I wonder if we'll ever conquer the last jungle—the heart of man?

    Let Ferdinand meet and conquer me, and take them, after severing my head from my body!

    The Master said, Love is to conquer self and turn to courtesy.

Word Origin & History of - conquer

    Word Origin & History

    conquer c.1200, from O.Fr. conquerre, from V.L. *conquærere (for L. conquirere) "to search for, procure," from L. com- intensive prefix + quærere "to seek, acquire" (see query).

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